Thursday, 19 December 2013

Did it

Well that last post was cathartic... maybe it helped?

Today, armed with the powerful trio of hand chakra mehndi to root down my palms, Sandhya's magical food at the last meal, and my ratty old 'Guruji World Tour 2005' hot pink practice top with the line drawing of him on the back.... I finally managed to nail it down.

TICTOCS! Viparita chakrasana, roughly translated as turning or upside-down wheel: controlled(ish) dropovers from handstand, and jumping back over to standing.

Let's get one thing straight though.... being able to do this circus stuff has ZERO VALUE in itself.

But I needed to do it. Focus, devotion, discipline, facing my fears....


As it happened, the late start time actually worked in my favour. Lots of space in the room, no beady eyes and impatient minds in the foyer.

I jumped a few times, came the closest I ever have, exhausted myself, came down and started again, kept going, nearly got it, nearly burst into tears, resolved to just hurl myself over, studiously avoided eye contact with Sharath and the assistants... and he must have waved them off me, as it wasn't too busy at this point.....

Boom. Once, twice, three times as prescribed. 
Imperfect, shaky, with hesitations and half-starts, drenched in sweat, and I believe there was a grunt or two as well. Or whimpers.

And now I am almost having trouble believing that happened. You see, the heavens have not opened and started raining down gold dust, no angels have descended to play little trumpets, and I would seem to be much the same person as when I woke up this morning :-)

But yeah. 19 December 2013... It's a milestone, and I am very grateful.... also to myself, for sticking with it.

I have enjoyed this moment all day, now back to led primary tomorrow. And the next chance to try this again is Monday, so let's hope my mojo sticks around!!


sereneflavor said...

You go find that 80's song called I've Got The Power and dance a little! Did not post it here just in case you have a better idea. xo

Anthony Grim Hall said...

I was reminded of this from the Yoga Vashishta

"And the wise seeker knows: the fruit of my endeavours will be commensurate with the intensity of my self-effort, and neither fate nor a god can ordain it otherwise".

Well done again.

Anonymous said...

"Focus, devotion, discipline, facing my fears...." So, SO TRUE. Congratulations, and enjoy the bliss. And do it all over again on Monday. It never ends does it? :)

suzanne said...

congrats! i agree with maria, some celebratory dancing is a must! :)

susananda said...

Thank you, lovely people <3

I prefer the tune 'Just Get Up and Dance' ;-)